Punk Rock Bowling: The First 24 Hours

24 hours ago saw myself and Tink arriving at Julie Wanda’s house in Orange. The yearly January migration to Lost Wages had begun. Now, sitting on my little bed on the floor of our hotel room in Las Vegas, I am writing to report to you that this year’s Punk Rock Bowling is shaping up very very nicely already. Happy Days.
Fun road trip out. Hanging out with friends at our annual Friday night cocktail party in the room. Going to see The Adolescents and 7 Seconds at Jillian’s downtown. Breakfast at 1:30am at the hotel coffee shop. Yapping with more friends until 3:30am. My group has decided I must be running for Mayor…
So far I am having a ton of fun! Today is the big bowling day.
I am moblogging to this blog, to my flickrstream and to barflies.net’s flickrstream as we go.