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Tidbits :: Friday, January 25, 2008

Understanding Art for Geeks: ROTFL!!! via @WordRidden & @AndyBudd

Thomas Hawk on PhotoWalking: I may not agree with TH on all his points, but here is very good guide on how to take daily photos everywhere you go.  The main point is to take a camera with you at all times, big or small, and take photos.

The SixtyOne:  The Music version of Digg. Have you used it? Added songs or got inspired by SixtyOne?

SVN: While I hate SubVersion with a passion, C. Michael Pilato has been kind enough to put up a pdf version of his O’Reilly book online.  I will try to reconcile myself with SVN.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Darn it all, I like FTP!