Feed Readers, Please Read!

I know that at least 1/2 if not 2/3rds of my regular readers here use a feed reader to view this blog. Or so says my log files.
Hello folks who read this blog via an RSS, RDF, or Atom feed! Please read the following, click through to the actual post and comment. I have enabled anonymous comments so that I can have your input.
I love you. Thanks for being faithful. I have been trying through the upgrade to Movable Type 4.0 to make sure that y’all have everything you need to read the posts on this blog. Now I would like a vote…
I appreciate how a feed reader makes life easier, but I would like to change my feeds to excerpts only with a link to the full post. Why?
1) Gesault: I love the merging of image / design / text / code of the internet. Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen is conceived as a loving attempt to combine text, my mobile photography, with my web design. When viewed through a feed reader, unless the css is fully rendered, you are only getting a small portion of the whole.
I look forward to see how folks have combined imagery and design with there content. I generally use a feed reader to let me know when an update has happened then I connect to the actual post so I can see it in its native environment rather than the white and grey of my feed reader.
Do you really like your blog reading in the sterile environment of a feed reader or do you like to see what the blogger has for the whole visual / textual package? Or are many of the blogs on your reading list so poorly designed that the feed reader is a sight for traumatized eyes?
2) Parasites: I have been having a problem lately with unscrupulous humans or bots scraping my full feeds and using my content in their blogs without any proper credit or citation.
I would like to nip this in the bud by only providing an excerpt rather than a full feed. But first I would like to elicit the opinion of my regular readers…
3) Due to image stealing I have put further restrictions on how my images can be used in my feeds via anti-hotlinking .htaccess scripts. I am sorry to my readers who view this in Google Reader, as the images are not coming through at all. On those posts, please click through to see the image.
Vote with your comments and let me know… Do you want a full feed or an excerpt that you click through to is ok?
I would like to weigh your votes with my own desire to have this blog viewed in its native format as well as discourage lazy shits who steal. Let me know… ;o)

5 thoughts on “Feed Readers, Please Read!

  1. You blog looks terrible in google reader. Here, its nicely presented with paragraphs. In google reader, its one big wall of text.
    I dont know crap about how to do it, but you probably know how to make it so that a little bit of text shows up in google reader and has a link on the bottom that links to your site.

  2. I really prefer readers, especially web-based readers, as they make it easier for me to keep up from anywhere. As time passed, I became less interested in the design of blogs (sorry!) than the content they held.

  3. If you go to excerpts only, I will stop reading you completely. It’s already irritating enough that I can’t see your photos anymore. There are ways of preventing hotlinking AND allowing the big RSS readers still see your photos, it just takes more work.
    The only way I can keep up with so many people is through the use of an RSS reader. Please don’t cripple yourself.

  4. I’m not fond of partial feeds, but given the problems you’re having, I can live with it. There are other sites that I frequent that have done the same thing, and I still read them.

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