Can You Guess Where I am Going?

New Luggage

It is official, the Urbanista Diaries Around the World Mobile Relay Adventure with the Nokia N82 started on Fri. Jan. 11th when Mr. Devin Ballentina departed from his home in Curacao for New York City. Jay Montano takes over in Singapore. Then me. Then Ryan Gallagher.
Can you guess where I am going?
Hint #1 : I went last Monday and got the full round of vaccinations plus some malaria pills. Yes, Ms. I love all things cold is going to the tropics.
Hint #2 : I had to get a visa and it was outsourced by the nation in question’s embassy to an outsourcer in San Francisco (I kid you not, this gave me hours of amusement).
Hint #3 : While parts of this nation’s society are in technological hyper-drive, much of the nation remains staunchly conservative and I will to be respectful buy at least 2 items of their traditional clothing before I leave within 15 miles of my house to wear while I am there.