Urbanista Diaries – Why Nokia Rocks harder than Apple…

When Apple announces or releases a product, it is at a big Apple convention with great fanfare and under plexiglass. No touching, no trials, no sending out of the new device to the serious Apple fan bloggers. Apple is big on design, genius and promotion, but very short on getting down with their purchasing public. A definite wall between the design aristocrats and the hoi-polloi.
Nokia on the other hand makes great products and includes their fanboys and fangirls in the process before and during the mainstream release. Nokia takes their phones out to the public and creates fun projects for artists and bloggers to participate in around the device release time.
Apple creates buzz via exclusivity and untouchable-ness. Nokia creates buzz with inclusion and creative fun. When Apple released the iPhone, it was behind glass and closed doors – really how many bloggers got a pre-release to run the iPhone through its paces? When Nokia releases an Nseries mobile phone / multimedia computer, is in the reach of the public and pre-released to a number of tech and creative bloggers who let the rest of us know what the device is capable of. Two completely different approaches.
I like inclusion. I like touching. I like play. I like Nokia.
To that end, Nokia is putting together a mobile blogging global travel adventure / challenge to celebrate the release of the Nokia N82. During the months of January and February 2008, Nokia’s WOM World has asked 4 bloggers to participate in the Nseries Urbanista Diaries, where the bloggers will have 2 weeks with the N82 is 2 different cities meeting challenges before passing the phone on to another one of the bloggers. A moblogging relay event, if you will.
Mobile is not about consumption. Mobile is about connection and creativity. Nokia gets this. Apple maybe kinda does, hopefully in the next iteration there will be more creation.
The Nokia Nseries mobile devices are about connection and creating. I have with my N80 and N95 been able to take kickin’ photos, capture hour long video, record sound, as well as write. Sometimes I read blogs on the web browser, but mostly I create with my Nokia.
I am quite excited to announce that I will be participating in January 2008 in the WOM World / Nokia Nseries’ Urbanista Diaries mobile blogging / relay challenge with the Nokia N82. I don’t have all the details yet, but I will be receiving the mobile device in one city and then traveling to another to pass of the phone to another blogger all the while completing set challenges and moblogging, taking photos & video, geo-tracking it all with a modified version of Nokia’s Sports Tracker and the N82’s onboard GPS.
Basically reprising AroundIreland.net with better technology and in new locales! Yeah! I love doing photo-walkabouts and moblogging. Ms. Jen will be one happy creative come January.
The other Urbanista Diaries participates are Devlin of the Nokia Guide and Jay of My Nokia Blog. Who shall be the fourth?
The best part of it all is that we don’t know where we are going yet…. I told Siobhan from WOM World that she should either start or end me with Punk Rock Bowling…. ;o)