The Nokia N82 has Arrived…

Scruffy playing Tug-a-War
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with the Nokia N82.

Wed. 12.19.07 – The Finnish exchange student, the Nokia N82, has arrived today from the lovely folks from WOM World for her 2 week stay in Seal Beach with Ms. Jen with our friend the DHL delivery guy plopping the box down in a rain puddle (again) and not knocking on my door.
Rather than boring the reader with the now cliched “unboxing” photos, I started out by pulling the little baby out of her box, inserting a sim chip (back to the 7610* style sim holder – W00t! – none of the N95 struggle and nail breakage!) and battery, gave her a charge, and then engaged Scruffy McDoglet in a game of tug-a-war all the better to take comparison photos with…
Thus, here starts the N82 v. the N95 trial photos. In the comparison photos, both the N95 and N82 are set to no flash and close up mode. Scruffy was moving at high speed in both photos trying to steal the green stuffed rabbit from me.
Now I expect the N82 to be worthy competition to the N95 in the photography department. Let the photo games begin… ;o)
* Surprising amount of physical comparisons with 2004’s Nokia 7610 (my precioussssss) in terms of size and and few other details, but the N82 is no where near as cute and well shaped as the 7610.