The Dangers of Christmas

1) Insane Traffic, which for SoCal is saying a lot. Crabiness. Parking lots. Crankiness.
2) While waiting in long check out lines, having one’s eyeballs assaulted by tabloids and “celebrity” rags. Really, who are these people and WHY SHOULD I CARE???? Am completely UNCONVINCED that I should care for any reason whatsoever.
3) Obviously, this week’s lesson in the tabloids & mags in the check out line is that if you want to get pregnant without modern medical wonders & petri dishes, please disregard any and all family / societal warnings and make sure that you fuck like a bunny at 16 w/o contraception. If you are dumb enough to finish high school, go to college, have a career, and actually wait to make an adult decision about a good and wise marriage then you get what you had coming to you. Really.
4) Sitting next to a cop at a party and regaling him with tales after some lovely wine. Too bad he was so white and uptight.
5) Wondering what to do with the turkey carcass when one does not like turkey soup. Or generally does not really like soup at all.
6) Thinking it would be a good thing to make gifts this year. Decide to make gifts that take at least 3 days to make, due to the need to let the glue dry between each step. But is too busy to start on the making until Xmas Eve. Oops…