Lifeblog on the Nokia N82

The Lifeblog on the Nokia N82 seems to be faulty. It will let me post to Typepad, but not to Movable Type. I have checked my blog settings on the N82’s Lifeblog, as well as access point settings, many times over in the last few days, and I have not been able to post to this blog from the Nokia N82’s Lifeblog, but I am able to do so from my N95’s Lifeblog.
Odd but true.
Why would Lifeblog have a different version pre-installed on the N82 from the version that comes pre-installed on the N95? I am able to send and receive emails on the N82, so it is not a data or email/ISP issue.
What makes it more frustrating is that the N82 takes kick ass photos that I would like to moblog here, but to no avail. To add to the frustration, Nokia does not have a mobile version of the Lifeblog site (yucky Flash) where I can go to download the newest version of Lifeblog. And as stated on this blog before, Lifeblog does not have an application updater on the phone as many mobile applications do, nor do they have an about button where I can see which version is currently installed on the phone, which makes troubleshooting more difficult.
Dear ShoZu, please allow for a generic Atom script Share-It destination (like Flickr does), where I can input the url of my blog’s Atom script, the username and atom password, so that I can use Shozu to post directly to this blog from a Nokia Nseries phone and give up Lifeblog which seems to have been deserted by Nokia.