AT&T having a bit of database reflux?

I think AT&T’s database is having a bit of credit card reflux. During this morning’s big adventure in watching folks scramble all over each to ride a wave, I noticed that my sim chip was reporting a fail and could not find the network. Hmmm… I haven’t had that problem before down at the beach.
Upon returning home, I logged into my AT&T wireless account to discover that I was “suspended” due to a bad credit card… Odd, I have room on my credit card. When I went to look at what card they had on record, for some reason, they had a card number from four years ago from before their switch to Cingular, and not my most recent card that has been working up to now…
AT&T, did your database take a dump or is it having a reflux issue and burping up numbers from years past?