Why I Love NabloPoMo and Other Bits

Donna's New Peek-a-Pooh

Here are a few tidbits from a late Thursday evening in London on the eve of going to Dublin for graduation:
1) Why I love National Blog Posting Month #2… Quite a few of my very favorite bloggers who usually blog very irregularly are participating this month. I have been looking forward to my RSS reader queue for the daily tidbits from the following:
Heather Powazek Champ : Words
Ugly Green Chair
Maybe when NaBloPoMo is over Mrs. Kennedy, Heather, Whitney, and Jessica will post more frequently. Now if we could have only convinced The Adnostic and Hadashi to do NaBloPoMo this month!
2) I am too tired to post my photos from today here. I will blog them later. My Mom arrived in London from LA today and very early tomorrow morning we depart for Dublin. Tomorrow is graduation for moi at Trinity.
3) After Ireland, Mom and I were planning to go to Spain, but I canceled the tickets to Spain tonight. We went to dinner with Donna from WOM World this evening and I was gushing about my favorite medieval English architecture to my Mom and Donna, when Mom suggested that we ditch Spain for a tour of Southern England next week.
Donna departed after dinner, Mom and I talked about it some more and I canceled our tickets to Malaga and hired a car for England instead. Avebury, Salisbury, and Wales, here we come…
4) This evening I gave away the last of the seven Peek-a-Poohs that I brought with me. Donna’s Nokia N95 is now the proud wearer of a purple Libra Peek-a-Pooh.