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Future of Web Apps 2007 – Day 1

Thomas Vanderwal Simon McCann and Tom Hughes Heidi Pollack Lane Becker and Ted Rheingold London Docklands The London Wall and Tower

Day One – Future of Web Apps 2007
at the ExCel Centre, London, UK
[As usual here is my transcript of sitting in sessions, plus my commentary]
Start of Day – Took longer to get here than I thought. The Circle Line is slow, but it was the right way to go.
9am – Intro with Ryan Carson, Brian Oberkirch, and Om Malik – Lots of chat about Facebook.
10am Heather Champ-Powazek and Derek Powazek
Chelm Sweet Chelm
Don’t Keep Score
Make Real Stuff – Editorial layer- 24 hours of flickr, JPG Magazine, etc.
Rip that Band-Aid – Old Skool Merge (still cranky about this) – announce it, 6 weeks, do it. Don’t drag it on.
Community, Manage Thyself – Give people the tools they need to manage it themselves.
Communicate Expectations – “I love lawyers” – Heather. Don’t be creepy. You know that guy. Don’t be that guy.
Don’t Create Supervillians – be creative and personal in dealing with Trolls
Know Your Audience – too many constraints causes rebellion
Embrace the Chaos – Whenever you create a space that gives folks a voice, you will be things you don’t expect.
After this went out to see if I could get the MMS for my UK sim chip to work and it was a no go. Then chatted with Thomas van der Wal at the Microsoft bean bags. Then chatted with Family Powazek Champ.


On Flying

I love the hustle and bustle of airports, TSA security theatre of the absurd aside, I like the engery and people watching. I like flying, but I don’t like taking off or landing, esp. landing, in the plane. Most of what I like about flying is that one is set apart from home or your destination, it is a passage of sorts. If one uses the time wisely, be it an hour to Vegas or 11 to London, one can have all the time in the world to de-stress, to catch up, to catch a nap, to daydream, to get bored and restless.
I have had a few pretty intense weeks recently with a lot of thought, prep, work, networking, new allergy rotation diet, and stress. I welcomed getting on the Boeing 777 to London Heathrow at 10pm on Monday night. Last night’s plane was 2 hours late out of the gate giving me time to read the whole of the LA Times and have a chat with a fellow passenger. Once the plane lumbered off the runway, I had a decent chicken and rice dinner, and off to sleep I went. I woke up after about 5-6 hours, still feeling a little sleeping and with 3 more hours of the flight to go.
Before departing for the airport, I loaded a bunch of blog posts and articles into browser tabs so that I could catch up and read them whilst waiting for the trans-Atlantic flight to be over. As I read, I am still mildly comatose and have my laptop screen set on the lowest brightness. Yeseterday’s tea at dim sum must of been gunpowder green tea, as I have had a nasty sore through since lunch. Stages of awake and allergies aside, it is delightful to be flying under Greenland and Iceland on my way to London-town. London calling…
And for the record, while I was sleeping I did not attempt to open the plane door to let the pixies out, I did ask them to curl up around me to share a bit of heat as it is danged cold in this cabin…