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Links: Nokia N95 or Apple iPhone and Google acquires Jaiku

Thank you Mr. Greene for the best sum-it-up succinct quote of the last few months:

“The iPhone is for consuming content, while the N95 is for creating it.”

Jonathan Green, in his blog post “Nokia N95 or Apple iPhone?” (via Darla Mack), compares the features and approaches of the Nokia N95 and the Apple iPhone as an owner and daily user of both mobile devices.
When my Nokia N80 took a plunge in oblivion this June, rather than rushing out and purchasing the Nokia N95 reflexively, I charged up and put my sim chip into my faithful old friend the Nokia 7610 so that I had time to really research the then upcoming iPhone and the Nokia N95, as well as think about what my dream phone features would be. The conclusion of several weeks of research and thinking lead me to buying my Nokia N95 mid-July and I couldn’t be happier.
Since that time, I have been in a number of social situations where I have been teased or questioned by fellow geeks and design folk who own iPhones on why I did not get an iPhone. In every instance, I bring up the Nokia N95’s 5 megapixel camera with flash, great video capture, and GPS and the iPhone’s complete lack of these features (no video capture, no GPS, 2 megapixel digital still camera with no flash). My friends are entranced with the user interface of the iPhone, I am entranced with the photos and video that I can moblog from my N95.
To paraphrase Madeleine L’Engle, “Fire consumes, cancer consumes, I am a human being not a consumer.” To that I add, “I am a creator, not a consumer.” So, Nokia bring on the creative-centric mobile devices!
On the GPS note, online and mobile presence has been bubbling up from the geeky underground and this week it started seeping into the internet mainstream when Google purchased Jaiku. Factory Joe weighs in with his opinion on why Google bought Jaiku. Darla thinks that Nokia missed out by not acquiring Jaiku.

If I Could Have Twittered the Plane Ride Home, Here is What I Would Have Said:

Monday, Oct. 8, 2007 – LHR to LAX
Things I would Twitter if there was connection on the flight:
2:56pm (GMT) / 6:56am (PDT) – Yeah, my seat has a power port! Yeah! I can compute.
3:02pm (GMT) / 7:02am (Pacific Time) – Glad I never fully acclimated to UK time, as I will still be awake upon landing.
4:30 something pm (GMT) / 8:30 or thereabouts (Pacific Time) – I had something witty I wanted to say while eating boxed food, can’t remember it now.
11:13am (Pacific Time) – Going over the southern tip of Greenland, with a bit of turbulence. Listening to podcasts.
around noon (Pacific Time) – attempted to clean up the 34,000 (approx) photos in my iPhoto, starting with 2004 & made more of a mess. Stopped. Will have to correct files from last week’s back up.
1:21pm (Pacific Time) – Nearing Hudson Bay. Finished funny Bill Bryson book that I bought yesterday at Victoria Station. Now to finish Cameron Moll’s Mobile Web Design.
1:24pm – Wishing for wifi on plane. On page 89 of 103 of Mr. Moll’s pdf book.
1:31pm – I hate the phrase, “rich web experience”. What a load of hooey. Moll uses a lot of cliched marketing speak. AGH~ No wonder why I can’t read more than 8 pages of this book at a time.
1:44pm – huh. done with Moll’s Mobile Web Design. huh. 4 hours & 48 mins to go to LAX.
2:22pm – back to listening to podcasts. Now over Ontario north of Lake Superior.
2:24pm – the fellow in front me has watched the same movie 3 times over. Of all the choices, he only likes the classic version of “Sunset Boulevard”.
3:08pm – Nearing Winnipeg. LAX is supposedly 3 hours and 24 mins away. Am officially sick of sitting.
4:52pm – Over the Great Basin, flying towards Lake Powell. Tired. Listened to 3 podcasts. Thirsty. Hungry for real food, not plane food.
6:22pm – Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Big Bear on seat back screen. Seat mate from Glasgow asks what is Big Bear.
6:30pm – Gliding in the LAX landing formation / stack up. Can see the San Gabriel Mtns to right. Seat mate impressed that LA has big mtns.
6:40something pm – Landing! Landing! Landing!
7somethingpmforever – Bradley Terminal Customs. GROAN… Cheeky Mr. Sui the Customs Officer does NOT like my hair and tells me so. By accident step on drug sniffing dog.
8:44pm – At FuRaiBo for real food non-airplane food with Erika.
11:34 – At home. Showered. In bed. Happy.