Now Using My N95 as a Modem for my MacBook via Bluetooth

Ok, wordy title, but after doing some reading on WOM World, I decided it was time to plunge in and set up my Nokia 95 to act as a modem for internet connection to my MacBook Pro to be used on the go when no wifi is present.
This frees me up to be able to compute online, albeit slowly, anywhere. No wifi or expensive wifi? No ethernet cable? Anywhere that I can access the internet on my N95, I can now tether my Mac to it for connection.
Thanks to AT&T for my unlimited data plan, even if Cingular’s EDGE is slowish, and thanks to The Nokia Blog for the tutorial on How To: Tether Your Nokia to a Mac for Net Access Via Bluetooth.
A note for other AT&T customers who want to set this up, I still have my old AT&T sim chip from 2004, so I am using the mMode settings and my APN is “proxy”, no username, no password. If you are a Cingular customer or you got your sim chip during the Cingular era, then your APN will be different.
Since I am at home, now that I have proven that I can use my N95 as a modem and written this post, I shall go back to using the wifi.