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iPhone and First Time Smart Phone or High End Phone Users?

Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that it is not owners of existing smart phones or high end phones who are switching to iPhone but it is first time high end buyers who are getting iPhones. Has anyone experienced this or seen research on it?
When I was at the Rails Edge conference last week and at dinner the first night with other speakers, Stu Halloway started to tease me that I was the only one without an iPhone. I pulled out my Nokia N95 and asked him where was the the 5 megapixel camera with video capture on his iPhone and where was the onboard GPS for geotagging and mapping? After we verbally sparred for a bit, Stu asked if the Nokia N95 was my first smart phone. No, I replied, I have had Nokia Series 60 phones since Dec. 2004.
Stu then observed that most of the iPhone owners he knows did not have smart phones or had not purchased a high end phone previously. I thought this was very interesting. Quite a few of the iPhone owners I know had Treo’s or Crackberries before, so my anecdotal evidence was to the contrary.
Yesterday, I was viewing Elizabeth’s daily painting / drawing and saw this on her “beside myself” sidebar:

Video: Purchasing the iPhone becomes an event in Shadyside
I’m interviewed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about standing in line to get an iPhone on the first day they were available. It’s my first cellphone, and I’m glad I waited until now to get one – I’m delighted with it.

The iPhone purchased at the Pittsburgh Apple Store is Elizabeth’s very first cell phone ever! Watch the video for her commentary at the end.
Ok, iPhone owners, what do you know? Is the iPhone your first high end phone or have you had a phone with email, interenet, a camera, et al, that you used the smart phone features? Did you have a data plan with a previous phone? Or is this your first high end phone with a data plan? Let me know in the comments below!