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The Pier

Fri. 09.21.07 – The Seal Beach pier on a crystal clear morning.

Mobile : Europe & Unlimited Data Plans

The iPhone comes to the UK

Do you ever search for a blog post you made a year or two ago and can’t find it, only to realize that your ranted and raved to all your friends in person about the subject and you didn’t actually blog it?
Well, hey, when I lived in Ireland from Sept of 2005 to Oct. of 2006, I ranted and raved frequently about the lack of unlimited data plans for mobile phones from Irish and UK carriers. I thought I blogged about it, but I guess I just tortured anyone who would listen to me…
When I signed up for a monthly plan with Vodafone Ireland, the maximum amount of data I could get was 6 mb for 18 euro! Yikes…
Jen, what do you mean by data plan? All the better to MoBlog with. To be able to send photos from my phone to Flickr or this blog, I need either internet data or email data, both covered under a data plan. I can easily blow through 6 mbs a day, let alone a month! In August of 2007, with my Nokia N95, I used over 152 mbs of data, thus an unlimited data plan is necessary.
Let me compare my plans that I had in the US vs. Ireland…


Testing Dan Wolfgang’s Better File Uploader 2.2 plugin for Movable Type 4

Allison Reading Mom Leaving a Message Dusk at Huntington Beach Al and his big pink ball Julie Wanda and the Lion Egg Bright Colored El Burrito Jr. The New Bookcase

Once again Michele Neylon comes to the rescue by blogging about another feature of Movable Type 4 that I have been too busy to read the posts on Pronet about: Better File Uploader 2.2 for Movable Type 4 by Dan Wolfgang.
Better File Uploader really is better, instead of uploading 1 image at a time, I was able to upload all of these images from the last couple of weeks in one screen. Even better, I was able to set attributes, preview the image, and have the plugin do all the work to make Lightbox work in the same UI screen. Thank you, Dan for saving 15 minutes or more out of my life. You rock.
Using Movable Type 3.x for photo blogs and moblogging was difficult at best. Now with MT4’s kickass atom connection with Nokia’s Lifeblog on my N95 and Dan’s Better File Uploader, Movable Type is once again my friend. Yeah.

Tidbits: The Much Maligned Horizontal Scroll

While web usability experts and designers decry the horizontal scroll, I believe that it has its a rightful place on the web. I actually love it when an art or experimental site shakes up the convention of vertical scroll by defying our expectations of usage. Design Melt Down also believes that there is a place for the horizontal scroll.
Banksy’s use of the horizontal scroll with big huge images of his outdoor work rocks. Then again, Banksy rocks. The page is even named horizontal_1.htm.
Keep rockin’ the guerilla art & web, Banksy…

The View

In the last few months, I have received a few comments from friends and acquaintances about how white the decor in my apartment is and how little wall decorations I have up. Over the last 15 years of having my own places, with or without roommates, I have noticed that while I love American pioneer antique furniture (1790 – 1870, preferably in cherry or mahogany wood) and contemporary art, my interior design sense prefers lots of interior white space, be it white walls or curtains or just plain space.
In my current 224 sq. foot apartment, any space at all is a premium. Half of my belongings and furniture, including my treasured 1820 cherry pioneer carved bed, are in storage. I have worked hard the last four months to make my new cubbyhole of a place appear spacious while accommodating my stuff, esp. my books and corner cabinet. To this end, I have purposely chosen white curtains and cheerful accents, but I have no art up on the walls.
It is scandalous amongst artists to have bare walls, especially when one owns and has in storage as much artwork as I do. Dan Callis has already given me trouble three times now for my bare walls.
But. but.. but… My house is so small and more importantly I have realized that some of my favorite visual moments, the ones that have burnt the images to my brain, are the ones where I am inside, relaxed and looking out onto a visually saturated out of doors, be it looking through a window or a door.
I don’t mentally record this visual stimulus when I am inside a visually compelling or overwhelming space nor when I am in an industrial or office space, only when I am in a home space where there is a great deal of white of which to contrast with the colors outside.
Thus, my reluctance to paint or over decorate my home space. Fine wood furniture in shades of brown and red or fabrics of red and gold make nice accents to the white, but the interior white makes the blues, golds and more muted colors outside shine even brighter.
Thus, I wait for the golden hour to record such external vividness whilst inside with my camera. My interior is acting as a blank canvas for the spectacle outside.