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Nokia N95 with GPS = Airplane Fun

Under Thundercloud, Over Nebraska
Under Thundercloud, Over Nebraska – click on photo to see the whole set with mapping

Yes, the underneath of the thunderclouds were yellow, it was creepy…
I used my Nokia N95’s GPS whilst sitting in a window seat to geotag these photos as we flew over Nebraska & South Dakota last evening, as well as altitude (approx. 30,400 ft.) and speed (585 to 614 mph)! They told us to turn off our devices’s wifi, but didn’t say anything about GPS… ;oD
All mild airplane naughtiness aside, it was a true treat to be able to track speed, altitude, and geo-location by just pointing my phone at a 45 degree angle next to the window of the plane. At first the Nokia’s GPS announced that it had no connection and then it found over 6 satellites to use and had a strong signal for until I shut the phone off. Upon landing, I had ShoZu send the geotagged photos to Flickr, this morning I organized it into a set.
All photos taken while flying to Chicago for The Rails Edge conference.


The last week plus has been a very slowed down time for me. A week ago Thursday, I came down with a sore throat and ear ache, which evolved into a fever and a crushingly painful ear ache. Last Saturday, I got in on one of the last appointments at Kaiser in the hinterlands for the fastest doctor’s appointment in my life: 3 minutes.
That was the last thing that has been fast since. I was diagnosed with a middle ear infection, given 2 kinds of drops and 2 kinds of pills to take for 10 days. No stopping early.
In the 7 days since, my life has been a round of laying down, putting drops in my ear, fashioning a cotton wick, putting it in my ear right, and staying on that side to let the drops settle in for at least a half hour. Repeat cycle every 4 hours. Yes, every four hours.
Given that I don’t want this ear ache to continue or come back, I have been faithful about the ear drop ritual. Thus, my world has been a round of ear drops, reading while waiting for them to sink in, a small reaction to drops that leads to fuzziness and a bit of dizziness, more waiting, activity of some sort for a couple of hours (computing, sleeping, errands), and repeat. A much slower rhythm of life than I allow myself even on vacation.
At the best of times I avoid antibiotics like the plague, not only do I hate the pharmaculture but I don’t like the side effects that antibiotics have on me: fuzzy thinking, dizziness, mild disassociation, and feeling like I am floating away but not in a nice way. When half of my face was swollen last Saturday and my whole head was on fire, I got up and over my distaste for doctors and pills.
The aching part of the ear ache is gone, but I still have to continue with the meds until this Wednesday. Ear now just feels full. Full of drops. So, slowly I continue.

Book Making , Week VI

Portfolio, outside

Sat. 08.11.07 – Making a portfolio, 9.5 x 13″, last day of bookarts class.

I have truly enjoyed this class on how to make books. It has been a great artistic release for me to make physical objects after pushing pixels and code about on my computer. I am very glad that Tammy Callis asked me to come and take this class with her.

Eva Vacca, the Master Printmaker at the Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, will be offering a fall bookarts class and I will be there.