Tidbits: Struggling, Gluten-Free, Arty Rails App, et al

Hi all, I have many blog post ideas for your reading pleasure, but I promised myself that I would finish (at least iteration #1) my Ruby on Rails app before I blogged several of the big posts living in my head. In the meantime, I present TidBits:
1) Yes, I am working on my first real live Ruby on Rails app. It is an art / image management system that will blog and manage both images and text. I am doing it specifically for artists Dan Callis and Ryan Callis, but we will see if it will be useful for other artists and photographers. I also finally made the decision about what hosting company to deploy my rails app on, the aptly named: Railsplayground.com.
2) NY Times has an excellent article on Gluten-Free dining: For the Gluten-Averse, a Menu That Works
3) Struggling… Since January, I have been struggling with the return of migraine headaches. I have had them in cyclical bursts in the past, but changes in allergy diet or environmental factors have chased them away. But instead of going away with the elimination of chocolate, caffeine, fluorescent lights, and other triggers, the migraines have stepped up frequency to every week or two. I have brought my art table and chair out of storage, as both are very adjustable, for the best ergonomic set up while working. All efforts to no avail. The headaches keep showing up.
I went to my primary care physician at Kaiser and she just put me on Maxalt but did not have the time nor interest to help me figure out what the new triggers could be. Maxalt works great and will clear the pain away in less than 30 minutes, but I can’t drive or really work on my computer for a day or two upon taking it, as it makes me dreamy and unfocused. Being dreamy and unfocused when trying to code does not really work.
In the past my headaches go away and stay away for years, if I eliminate allergen foods out of my diet. To that end, I have an appointment with Dr. Lena Kian N.D. tomorrow.
4) If you are out and about and need to calculate a tip, Aaron Gustafson has created a great little mobile app: Tipr