Monthly Archives: July 2007

Book Making, Week II


Today at my book arts class, we learned how to do the Japanese style book binding. For my book arts project, I printed out mobile camera phone photos from last summer’s Around Ireland project and will be making a book of the photos.
For some time now, I have been stumped on how to best display / frame the ephemeral photos from my Nokia camera phones outside of this blog and Flickr. I am very glad that Tammy Callis convinced me to join her in taking this book making class at the Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, as I think I have found an authentic way to display / frame my mobile photos in a physical manifestation by making a unique book to contain each set of mobile phone photos.
I first searched through most of my original downloaded photos from my Nokia N80 from last summer in Ireland, used Fireworks to crop and set them in the page, and then printed a set of four to Kodak matte ink jet paper. Print and then cut to fit the size of the pages for the book. The Kodak matte ink jet photo paper had the look and feel of good drawing or book paper. Now I just need to get a better printer.
Little jewels of books to display little jewels of photos.

The Sun Setting Over Downtown Long Beach


Sun. 07.08.07 – View of downtown Long Beach from the Seal Beach pier. I walked down to the pier this evening at sunset with my Nikon FM3a & its 35-135mm zoom lens to take sunset photos of the container ships and oil rigs just parked outside of the Port of Long Beach break waters. While on the pier, I was able to shoot a few photos of a pod of dolphins leaping through the waves. When I get the film developed, I will post the dolphin photos.

At Book Making Class


Book making as an art form, not as gambling… Front door neighbor, Tammy Verricchio Callis, encouraged me to join her in taking a Bookarts / Book Making with printmaker and book artist Eva Vacca class at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro. Today was our first class and we made an accordian book in class, of which I will add a photo of it when it is finished drying.