Let the Art Begin…

Drawing from MA, altered in Flash

Tonight, I heard Ryan telling Earl about the Painting’s Edge and I joined in on the conversation. After Earl returned to his apartment, Ryan and I continued talking about painting, mediated visual thinking, and painter’s block.

As our conversation progressed, I encouraged him to stop the over thinking and to get fast and furious. To that end, I remembered my Wacom tablet, I invited Ryan in, set up the pen & tablet and showed him how to make digital drawings with Flash and the tablet.

This evolved into Ryan getting his sketch book, me scanning one if his sketches, importing it into Flash, and showing him how to layer and color. Published the “mediated” drawing as a .jpg, uploaded it to Ryan’s flickr account, and here we are.

We will now be having the Electric Arms summer of art. Collaboration, mediation, and iteration.

The above drawing by Ryan Callis and Jenifer Hanen.