Monthly Archives: June 2007

Gift Registries

Oh how I love the Internets. I love ’em, I love ’em, I love ’em.
The fabulous Internets saved me a trip to the evil mall. Any mall. All evil.
Lauren texted me this morning to ask where Dave & Lora were registered. I called her to tell her, “I don’t know. I will look on their wedding website for their registry and order online.” And I did.
I did for Dave & Lora. I did for cousin Kristin and new cousin Nick. No more harried trips to the Mall, desparately looking for stockings, a gift, and a card 25 or so mins before the wedding is to start (dang, I forgot wrapping!).
Thanks to Lauren for kindly organizing me a week beforehand, but even bigger thanks to all the folks who are registering online these days.

Ok, before you get all cranky on me and mutter deprecations about my lack of personal touch to gift giving… I will go a store to personally pick out wedding shower lingerie, but not toasters or vases. People, I have my standards.

Ubuntu’s Feisty

This evening I took the big plunge: I completely wiped Microsoft Windows XP off my 2003 Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop and made it an Ubuntu linux only machine. Goodbye Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates! Goodbye! Hello Feisty Fawn, Hello!
Back in Nov. of 2005, I turned the Dell into a dual boot of Windows XP and Ubuntu’s Breezy Badger, thanks to the patient help of Glenn Strong.
I enjoyed using Ubuntu’s Breezy Badger install the whole time I was at Trinity College as it helped me to avoid a really crappy networking situation with XP and I learned quite a bit about the Bash shell and Terminal. But when I bought the Silver Princess in March of 2006, the Dell fell out of favor.
A 2003 Dell laptop couldn’t compare to a brand new spanking 2006 Mac PowerBook G4. Why use Ubuntu when OS X has a Terminal app and a million other things without trouble or sudo apt-get?
The Dell started to gather dust. I even lost its power cord last fall for a number of months and had to borrow my brother’s. Cord found in my recent move. The Dell is still dusty.