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Dischord Records : Love the Website


Ryan, Earl and I were talking about the Napoleonic Wars when Ryan recommended Ian Svenonius’ book, The Psychic Soviet. The only way that Ryan knew to find it was to go to the Dischord Records website.
Upon reaching the Dischord site, I was more than pleasantly surprised, as the Dischord site is lovely. I can’t say that about many websites, as most either follow a specific stylistic trend or are just plain corporate.
Dischord’s website is subtle but fun. A sheep is escaping the flock of its kind in the banner. The layout, while in a box, is lightly broken by cut-off corners and individualistic sheep. Good ratio of content to whitespace and great colors.
Thanks Dischord for a beautiful and functional web site!

Tidbits from a Wednesday: Spiffy New Design Details, Speaking, et al

Somehow I managed not to take a photo worth posting today. The photo of the SUV with the Mighty Ducks flag and the MIGHTYDUX license plate did not turn out good enough to send up.
Thus, you, my beloved Readers, get TidBits!
1) Did you notice a bit of a design change around here? If you are on a feed reader, click on the actual page link and go see it. Lovely, if I do say so myself. To quote Simon, “It is the little touches.” [note: maybe he said little details..]
A couple of years ago, Erika and I went to the California Poppy Reserve and I snapped lots of photos. For a couple of months afterwards whenever I had a bit of time, I would work on my “attempted” CSS Zen Garden entry based off the Poppy Reserve and a horizontal layout. Time, clients, and readying for grad school got a hold of me and I never completed my entry.
Thus, this week’s update of Blackphoebe’s update is a riff off of my never submitted Zen Garden entry. Well, without horizontal scrolling. I still want to do a horizontal layout, sometime, somewhere. Just cause.
Hope you like the poppies.
2) Not quite cooked enough for a full announcement, hopefully in a few days it will be, but in August I will be speaking at a conference. On web design. I am quite excited!
3) Working on a Rails app. Yep, the idea that has been running around in my head for a few months will be seeing the light of beta user testing by July. Big thanks to Jackie and Alex for all of their brainstorming input, initial user research and testing.
4) Congrats to the Ducks for doing SoCal proud!
5) 37signals has put their new book, Getting Real, up online for free.