Monthly Archives: June 2007

Paper Spam

I find the amount of paper spam that my new neighborhood gets everyday to be very disturbing. Every morning sometime between 5am – 9am, multiple someones drop off flyers, coupons, magazines, magazines on to all the door steps in the neighborhood all without permission.
All of this is on top of the stack, sometimes up to an inch thick, of “direct mailing”, flyers, coupons, etc. that companies pay the U.S. Post office to put in my mailbox. Our mail lady gets mad at us if we don’t pick up our mail everyday. Except it is not mail, it is paper spam.
Between the paper spam left on my door step and in my mailbox, I make a trip or two a day with a stack of papers to the recycle bin in the back of the apartment building. Just like the spam I get via email, the paper spam goes straight to the bin unread.
Are companies desperate for my business or are local marketing / print shops / design firms desperate for their business? People, you are killing trees and ANNOYING me to the point that I don’t want to use your service, read your cheesy “upscale” magazine – oops, I mean 4 color glossy excuse to sale ads, or go to your business if you are going to spam me like this.
Next door neighbor Earl just walked around the complex picking up all the paper spam that arrived today, walked back to the recycle bin to deposit said spam, and he is furious.
Direct Marketers, local print shops, franchise businesses, etc: STOP PAPER SPAMMING US!!!
Thank you.