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Today I am at Erika’s waiting with her. As we wait, we are working on our laptops. I thought I would repost photos that I moblogged yesterday but did not go through due to the LA/OC Cingular network does not like Flickr thing.
Yesterday. 05.08.07. After many errands, a doctor’s appointment (migraine & IBS management), and picking the dogs up from the groomer’s, I went home in the 98 degree heat and met up with my Mom as evening approached. We took the dogs for a walk around Seal Beach and enjoyed the breeze that picked up and brought the temps down into the 80s. Here are the photos of our walk.

Happy Dog
U.S. Navy Barges
Caution Tape

We Will Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Soon

Hi folks,
I still have boxes piled up and am trying to get through them one by one. Sorry I have been a bit absent here, even with the photos, but there has been much to do. Once again there seems to be a problem between Cingular’s LA/OC area network and Flickr, so photos I have sent this week are not posting here.
Anywhoooo… I will be having a housewarming / open house on Sat. May 19th at the new place so that I will be forced to get the place up to snuff within the week. And be back online…

Made in West Germany

Made in West Germany.
In January of 1990, I returned from a month long study tour of Israel to find myself in need of pots and pans. In typical Jenifer fashion, but non-college student fashion, I bit the bullet, went to Williams and Sonoma at Satan Coast Plaza and bought a good set of pots and pans. When I got back to my Mom’s house after the shopping expedition, she was astounded and got quite mad at me for spending $299 on a pan set when I could have gone to Kmart or the like and spent under $20 for some cheap aluminum.
I said, “I bought a Chantal enameled set that will last a lifetime.”
The folks at my dormitory back at school were even more astounded. Really, why would I buy a WHOLE set of pots and pans when the Caf was just around the corner?
Today, 17 years and 3 months and some weeks later, I unpacked my lovely blue Chantal enameled pots and pans from their boxes (I kept the original packaging & reuse it every time I move), washed the dust off and put them away. As I was unwrapping the boxes, I noticed that each one of them said, “Made in West Germany”.
Several thoughts popped into my head in rapid succession:
1 – “Hey, I really did buy a good set of pots. They are still here and I still like them.
2 – “Wow, the mark Roommate K. made on the bottom of the saucepan from steaming broccoli with no water is still there.”
3 – “Made in West Germany?”
4 – “West Germany?”
5 – “Wait… when did West Germany … oh yeah… 1989. Wow. West. Germany. West Germany.”
6 – “God Bless the Germans and their good quality products.”
7 – “Shit, has it really been 17 years? AGH!”
8 – “I wonder if Chantal enamel ware is still manufactured in Germany or if the new sets from Williams and Sonoma or Macy’s say ‘Made in China’ on the bottom?”
According to their website, Chantal is now manufacturing the enameled parts in Germany, the lids in Japan, and assembling them in Houston, TX.
But West Germany!

Thanks Joe & Alex!

Thanks Joe & Alex!

Sometime in the 1940s, my great-grandma – Evelyn McCallum Jennings – opened an antique store in Anaheim, Calif. She regularly returned home to Iowa to search farmer’s barns for antique furniture that could be sold at much higher prices in SoCal.
She found this corner cabinet in a barn in Iowa and that has come down to me via my grandmother Marlyce and my dad Cam, is the American Federalist mahogany corner cabinet dating from 1790 – 1810. Family lore has it that multiple coats of lavender and green paint had to be stripped off my Great-Grandma Evelyn to get to the original lovely mahogany wood.
Two weekends ago, when Mom and I were in North Carolina, we saw two corner cabinets that looked just like mine, one dated in the 1790s and one in the 1810s.
Big gigantic thanks to brother Joe and Alex for getting my cabinet into my new apartment today with no new bruises! Yeah!

Union Station

Union Station

On my last night in Denver, I went downtown to the area near Union Station. I had a very expensive and mediocre dinner at Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar (avoid this place if you can, $56 for risotto and 2 glasses of wine! Yikes. The risotto was not nice, with muddied flavors.) But as I walked out of the restaurant, Union Station in all of her glory was before me. I could not resist taking a picture.