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Words/Phrases of the Week:

genus loci
: Reading Charles de Lint’s “Spirits in the Wires” which mentions genus loci (spirit of a place). This leads to thinking about how I moved to Seal Beach this month, which comes full circle of my 9th summer when I would take the bus to Seal Beach, without my mom’s knowledge to go to the beach and read in peace. Or how Orange’s Old Town was my favorite place in college, then I moved there for the first five years of the 2000s. Circles. Keep coming back to a place that is special. Genus loci.
blowhard : the across the path neighbor who has not been quiet all day. He hates immigrants as they are bankrupting his job, votes for the Red/White/Blue, drives big old rusting truck that costs $20 to go 50 miles, drinks a 24 pack of Bud Light every day or two, listens to Led Zeppelin while watching his TV (usually a slasher film), etc.
1986 – If born in this year, then 21 this year. If graduated from high school this year, then feel good and old this year. Also, the number of this post to this weblog. Near on 2000.
WTF! – Cousin born 1982 is getting married this weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Will go to San Francisco afterwards to hang out with friends.
Memorial Day Weekend – Usually a quiet time to putt around the house while others go out of town. Also a time to take flowers to the McCallum side of the family the Orange County Cemetery in old Anaheim. Also a great weekend to go to the Scottish Games at the OC Fairgrounds. This weekend up in NorCal. Hmph. Must find time to put flowers on Grandma Marlyce’s grave. Hope cousin appreciates how much I am giving up (MEN IN KILTS!!!!) to go to her wedding.
Will she have a bagpiper at the ceremony to make up for it?

The New ‘Do Revue

Tue 05/22/2007 15:15 05222007485Tue 05/22/2007 16:31 05222007490Tue 05/22/2007 18:05 05222007493

Tues. 05.22.07 – I walked into Salon Pop at 2pm for my hair color appointment with Beth Leheahy Martinez and walked out at 6:30pm with a fabulous new ‘do and eyebrows. I love Salon Pop.