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Tulips in the Wind

Tulips in the Wind

As you can see North Carolina was fabulously windy and brisk today. A lovely and perfect day to be out and about rather than in an office doing a programming course. But the day one of the course is good and I am happy.
Here are few notes, bits, and links from today’s browsing:
1) More troubles between my phone and Flickr: I had to send the above tulip photo three times before it appeared in Flickr. It showed up first time around on Vox.
2) Excellent article on the truckers of East Africa by Ted Conover. Go read it.
3) Tom on the Tube. Photo by George. Must visit London soon, so that I can go to dim sum with Tom and catch up.
4) Having trouble with MAMP and my Mac. MAMP works with all types of files as a localhost for me, but not PHP. And it is supposed to be Mac-Apache-Mysql-PHP. hmph. Wonder if the additions to the config file to allow for SSI caused a disconnect with the functionality to interpret PHP on my machine.
Update: Solved my MAMP and PHP problem thanks to Splash of Style.

Sent but not Received

Sent but not Received

The above photo, “Telephone Poles”, was sent to Flickr on Sat. 4/14/07 in the evening, but never received.

I have been having a problem this week between Cingular’s mobile network and Flickr. I send photos (via MMS or email) from my phone, I receive confirmation that they are sent, I am charged, but the photos never show up on Flickr.

As a test, I have also sent photos this last week to my Vox account via MMS or email from my phone and they are received about half the time and show up on my Vox account.

Is the problem Cingular’s network? But why would it not like Flickr the last week and like Vox half the time?

And to top it off, Cingular’s network is working like a charm in North Carolina where I am right now for business. I have sent several test emails to Flickr and Vox and both are showing up on my account directly after sending them from my phone.

Cingular – WHY, oh WHY, do you have such shitty service in one of the biggest markets in the country (LA/OC)????

Oh, Flickr – WHY, oh WHY, do you seem to have massages when I am sending photos? They don’t show up in my photostream but Cingular still charges me.

Vox – What are you doing right in moblogging interface land that Cingular and Flickr aren’t?

Is this an issue of Cingular and Flickr not playing well together? As I said, it just started in last week. Has it been solved now or will I be able to moblog happily in North Carolina but when I return to SoCal I will be up a creek again?

I love sending photos from my phone to websites. I love moblogging. I am at Flickr because up to this point they have made sending photos from my phone to Flickr a very easy set of steps.


The Ides of April

Been a bit missing or lagging around here at Black Phoebe, be it text or photos. Life has been busy and quite full. I need a blogging app that I can talk to my mobile phone and it will post the text to this site.
On the News Front:
1) Decided to scrap Plan A for Plan B a few weeks ago, when Plan A decided that it was going to roar back to life on its own this week. Life is funny and that Murphy sure was prescient.
2) Yuck. The Ides of April are upon us! Have you done your taxes? I have to go get a check cut tomorrow.
3) Wow! Got to love it when geeks go single… Forget the puppies, let’s talk… OK, DO, get back to blogging. My RSS feed has been waiting for you to start up again.
4) On the official Ides of April (the 15th), I will be flying off to North Carolina at oh-dark-thirty. I will be attending a 5 day “Programming PHP” training course in Raleigh. This will give me a good excuse to go and visit with Heather and Steve. And give my mom a lovely opportunity to visit a bunch of historical sites.
When my mom heard that I signed up for PHP / database training in North Carolina, she told me to extend my plane ticket and that she would join me the weekend afterwards. Apparently, she did many school reports on North Carolina and has never visited until now.
5) And then to continue my month of programming training, I will be going to the Ruby on Rails training course in Denver at the end of April.
So, I like learning. Take the girl out of the classroom and she feels the need to keep going back. I am also a big reader…
6) Last but not least, my very last birthday party ever will be at Alex’s Bar on Wed. April 25th (one day after the real birthday) with the Flametrick Subs and the Irish Brothers. It will be an early show – 9-midnight. Come on down and join the festivities!