Monthly Archives: April 2007

13 * 3

Hmph. 13 * 3. Today. Hmph.
Or if you so choose, more prosaically, 21 + 18.
Regardless, I am taking a note from Lucky, who had a big party for her 30th birthday and has not had one since.
Today is my 21 + 18 or 13 * 3 birthday.
Don’t feed me all the lines about how age is just a number or whatever …. I don’t like it.
Thus, Erika and I are going to A.O.C. tonight for my actual birthday, where I can be cranky about 21 + 18 at the cheese bar.
Tomorrow is the big birthday party at Alex’s from 9 – 11pm (we will be on time) with the Flametrick Subs and the Irish Brothers (who start at 9pm so be there).
Come on down tomorrow night (Wed. 4/25) and help me celebrate my last birthday ever. Next year I will be ((13*3)+some months).
On a better note, very late tonight this blog will be 4 years old!