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Day 6 – Thurs. March 15, 2007 – Toddle Around Music A Bit

Peek-a-Pooh's new cherry jewelry

Breakfast – Overrun 5 mins before 10am closing by hordes of the Music folk looking a bit zombie-fied. Hung out with Ben and Dave. Around noon, Alex, Adeline, and Christina showed up, I printed the Austinist party list out for them and we all (LA + BP + Patrick Haney) went over the Iron Works for BBQ. Chris from Turbonegro joined us and Alex had a quiet fanboy moment. Good lunch, got my fill of beef. First bbq of the week. The Brits and PH departed to go to the airport and I sat talking with the LA crew.
Christina and Adeline together are a scream. Much like Ben and Dave should have their own tv show, Adeline and Christina should have one, too. It might be more amusing if we put them all in a house together… ;o)
Off we went to the convention center to get wristbands for Adeline and Christina. Chris went off to band related duties. After the wristband pick up, A, A, C and I went over to Moonshine for the Honeypot Radio and Heidi’s Night of Beauty party. We got there just in time to see Piney Gir play with Goldrush. Excellent! Fun western swing-ish country meets indie rock, good stuff. Not at all like the Graham Parsons indie-country rock stuff that is so popular right now. Piney Gir is from Kansas but lives in London. Must buy some CDs. Brit friends – please go see her and her Roadshow.
Heidi gave me a fabulous jeweled cherry toe ring that I turned into a mobile accessory for Peek-a-Pooh. Lookin’ good.
Another Brit band, The Height, played next. Good but I was not excited about them as I was with Piney Gir and Goldrush. Off I went back to the hotel to drink water and work on my computer. Here I am 4 hours later still tiptapping away. Now off to dinner.

Julia Britt!

Julia Britt!

I was walking down 1st St. (Cesar Chavez) to go to lunch with the Brit Pack jnrs and Alex, Adeline, and Christina, when someone in a car started yelling at me… Julia Johnson Britt!
Julia and I have been friends since I was 16 and she was 17. We went to punk and other rock shows together, we did the great summer of 1988 tour of London, France, Germany, Ireland, and London again as traveling partners. And now she is living in Texas. Wahoo!
What a great moment of serendipity.

SXSW – Day 5 – Wed. March 14, 2007

SXSW – Day 5 – Wed. March 14, 2007 – The Post-Interactive or the Vacation Part of the Adventure
Breakfast with all the Hampton Inn Brit Packers and East Coasters before folks depart. Hung out talking with various and sundry folk from 9 am to past 1 pm. Got to spend a good amount of time talking with Aaron.
Had lunch at the Rio Grande (again, delightfully) with Aaron G., Craig C., Derek F.,Christopher S., Dave T., Steve M. and Ben W. Good laughter.
Then those who did not have to fly out in the afternoon went back to the Hampton to sit on the 2nd floor and work with our computers. The Brit Pack jnrs and Andy Budd went off to Halcyon in the late afternoon and I took a short nap before going over to the SXSW Music Awards.
The Music Awards started at 8pm and went along fine for a half hour until I got a call from Lauren, went out to the Creekside patio to call her back and she gave me an update on her mom’s condition (still in ICU, another round of surgeries planned, blood donation, etc.). I cried. I tried to go back into the Awards but was unable to really appreciate the bands, so I left at 9:30pm. Squeek, thank you for the ticket, I am sorry I was unable to stay the whole night.
I was in the mood to have a bit of food, as I missed dinner, and to sit quietly with friends. I met up with Andy Budd, PPK, and the BP jnrs at Buffalo Billiards. Alex Hernandez and Adeline Wylie joined us. I ate and chatted with PPK, Alex and Adline while Andy, Dave, Steve, and Ben played foosball. Around 11pm plus, Alex and Adeline went to go see The Smoking Popes and the rest of us retired back to our respective rooms.