Monthly Archives: February 2007

Joe and His New MacBook Pro


As we drove out of the CompUSA parking lot, Joe had me open the MacBook Pro Box and plug the computer in to his car inverter. Off we went, me setting up the machine, Joe driving.
(The CompUSA in Long Beach is having a 10 – 20% off closing sale. My brother Joe has a bonus. We went shopping. What fun.)

Stomach Rules

I have a few hard and fast stomach rules:
1) No wheat/gluten and garbanzo beans/hummus/falafel never ever never. No negotiation.
2) No Thai or Indian food for dinner. No, really, this is bad.
3) No caffeine, esp. diet coke after 4pm. Not just because of wakefulness, but caffeine triggers tummy troubles.
I broke rules #2 and #3 at dinner last night and now at 5:33am I am paying for it. Wide awake with an upset stomach.

Around Ireland is a SXSW Web Awards 2007 Finalist!


Around Ireland : A Mobile Documentation Project is a finalist in the “Student” category of the SXSW Web Awards 2007!
I am very excited. Simon said via email, “FANTASTIC”. Shonagh wrote, “such brilliant news about the website! “. Jasper emailed, “hooray for us.”
In case you missed my blogging about the Around Ireland project this last summer, here is a summary from the About page:

Around Ireland is a mobile documentary project completed as part of the MSc in Multmedia Systems at Trinity College Dublin. We have travelled the 32 counties of Ireland, gathering video and images on mobile phones over the course of the Summer of 2006. The mobile content is sent directly to our site, from camera-equipped mobile phones in real time.
Rather than sending an image to just one other individual via MMS, Around Ireland aims to act as a central respository for mobile photographic content, allowing visitors to browse submitted mobile pictures from all over the island, geotagged according to location.

A big thanks to SXSW Interactive and see y’all at the 10th Annual SXSW Web Awards on Sun. March 10, 2007 at the Downtown Hilton, Austin, Texas!