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Currently Cranky About: PHP

Ok, so where much of my and other communities are Currently Cranky AboutTM Flickr, I am Currently Cranky AboutTM PHP.
Yes, PHP. In the past, I have scoffed PHP for being too easy compared to Javascript. PHP has lots of built in functions, PHP scripts are fairly lean and mean next to the intricate mazes of Javascript. But, no, I was/am wrong.
PHP is evil.
Javascript, God or gods bless its all over the place little client-side scripting soul, has very few official upgrades/updates/versions. I have been working with Javascript for over 7 years, and I *think* we are still on 1.5 or thereabouts and best of all, I haven’t had to worry in 7 years which version I am working with. Ok, so we have AJAX now to complicate the works, but if you are a proud purveyor of the KISS design and development school, as I am, then AJAX is only used as absolutely necessary (unobtrusive AJAX at that).
PHP seems to have frequent version updates. Thanks, Zend, et al. PHP is now on version 5 and PHP folks are looking forward to 6. But my server and most of my clients’ servers are still on PHP 4.3.1. And just like the jump from Flash Actionscript 1.0 to 2.0, there is a big difference between PHP 4 and PHP 5, what fucnctions and coded that will work in PHP 5 are not necessarily backwards compatible.
All my current reference books are for PHP 5. Very delicious ideas and scripts but not so delicious trying to implement them on servers with no immediate intentions on upgrading to PHP 5. My server allows one to append PHP 5 in the .htaccess file and call it in the file extension, but this is not a reliable fix. Add security on top of it… Grrr… Grrr… Grr…
It is enough to turn one back to Javascript and Perl on a regular basis…
Must improve my Perl fu.

I am having Email Problems

Hola, sorry to be MIA around here, but I have been working on several freelance gigs and prepping for the launch of 4.0.
It has come to my attention via email from other friends and via a lack of spam (!!!!), that my personal, private earthlink email account is bouncing emails from sendees have been previously approved and whitelisted. I am not even getting any spam in the “Suspect Email” box…
Sorry. I am not sure why this is happening, but it appears to be random and without reason.
If this is you, PLEASE re-email me at my Gmail:

Finally the TCD letter arrived, too late to walk in the Feb. 16th graduation.

Finally the TCD letter arrived, too late

The above letter was mailed on Jan. 11th from Dublin, arrived in California on Jan. 25th (today). Deadline for the Feb. 16th graduate commencement was Jan. 19th, exactly one week ago. I was told that we would have received our letters by mid-November and our class voted to graduate on Feb. 16th. Even if I were to Fed-ex the commencement application back this afternoon, it would be a week and a half late.
I guess I will have my own party here in Calif. on the 16th. Who wants to join me?
We can go over to the Chapman University chapel for the dark wood university chapel ambiance, we will need someone with gray hair in a black robe to intone in Latin, all at 8am (to be in time sync with the 4pm graduation in Dublin), and then we can go over to pub (O’Hara’s?) and get drunk after…. Or maybe we can stay in bed and go to Walt’s at 5pm for happy hour instead… ;oD