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Photoshop CS3 Beta

The design-o-sphere is in a twitter about the Photoshop CS3 Beta icons, but I am here to tell you that icons be darned, the real problems of the beta version is in the interface with one’s Wacom tablet.
The tracking between my Wacom’s pen tool and the actual mark made on the Photoshop CS3 beta image is faulty at best. I have spent two nights drawing on my Wacom tablet with Photoshop CS3 Beta and making a lot of messes, as 1/4 of the time the mark is made at least 30 pixels from where the pen was previously. A big jump with no lifting of my hand.. I have cross tested on Fireworks 8 and Photoshop CS2 with no troubles. Hopefully, Adobe will have this ironed out before CS3 goes to market.
On the good side of CS3: the glory and heavy lifter of the Photoshop CS3 Beta is the “Quick Selection Tool”. Drool. Knock out whole sections of unwanted bits and then use the “Magic Wand Tool” for the fine tuning of your selection. Happy days.