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Personally, I am a Panmillennialist

Metafilter at its best yesterday, “Pony Express for the Damned” Me-Fi’ing on The Post-Rapture Post:

I am hiring myself out as a post rapture cat-sitting service for the saved. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe the Venn diagram intersection of suckers, cat owners, and Christian fundamentalists. – Slarty Bartfast, commenter

I am officially outing myself as a Panmillennialist. Yes, folks, it will all pan out in the end.
What up with the obsession for the end of the world? Premillennialists*, why your desire, nee desparate need, be apart of your own cool crowd – overriding Jesus’s call to first love the Lord, your God, and then love your neighbor?

* Ummm… for those Rapture enthusiasts out there, please note that this theology you so lovingly pore over, nee idolize, is only a 100 or so years old and is an American Evangelical reaction to Modernism. Please note Modernism and Post-Modernism are over. We are now in the Digital Age. Please develop a new quack theology to drool over Or, even better, just go back to your First Love and focus on Jesus.
p.s. In the meantime, Faith, Hope, Love, and a whole lotta humor.