Monthly Archives: December 2006

Making Snow in Huntington Beach

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As I was riding my bike over to get the LA Times about 20 minutes ago, I saw folks making snow at the local park. Big blocks of ice went in the back side of the extra large slushy making machine and snow was blown out under a tree on the other end. Kids were throwing snowballs at each other while wearing shorts.

Batteries and Databases or How to have a Lost Friday

The Silver Princess’ battery was recently recalled by Apple and they kindly sent a new one. The new battery is performing admirably, lasting much longer without a charge than the old, but it has one flaw… it makes a lousy lap warmer. The old battery would warm your lap quite nicely and it would at times get quite hot, which is why I think it was recalled. Maybe it is time to turn on the house’s heater…
Databases are funny things. They can be quite robust and tick along nicely with tons of posts and calls for a long time. Or they can crumble and corrupt out of nowhere for no reason. After last summer’s database debacle on a private community blog, I will never use Word Press again (sorry to all WP fans, but WP without a database is a website with NO posts whatsoever. Thank God, for Movable Type’s static pages). And after last summer’s Word Press database meltdown, I religiously backup the databases for my Movable Type installations, even though I also back up the static files every month. Just to be safe.


Flickr Crushes

Every seen someone’s Flickr icon and thought, “Wow, that person is cute.” So, you add them as a contact, read their profile to see if they are single, and then if they have good photos and their website is intriguing you add them to your RSS feed reader?
Yep, you know you’ve done it.

Two Cars and Palm Trees

Two Cars and Palm Trees

A bit blurrier than I had hoped, but it was dusk and the two cars with the palm trees looked fabulous in the rear view camera.
**I just started a new Flickr group entitled Prius Rear View Camera to celebrate photos that one takes of the rear view camera screen…**