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Photos from a Monday

Today, I met up with my mom, we had brunch at the Harbor House Cafe, went to CompUSA for Xmas shopping (geek shopping!), to Wild Oats, and then took the dogs for a walk in two different parks.
Both parks were in the Jet Blue flight path and I kept trying to get a photo of a blue bottom of a jet plane with the blue sky in the background. In park #2, we encountered many, many, many waterfowl and lots of fouled sidewalk…

All photos taken with Ms. Jen’s Nokia N80.

Andrea Bocelli = Cranky Rich People!

Andrea Bocell = Cranky Rich People!

Ever notice that folks driving BMWs believe and act on the belief that they are the only driver on the road and that they own said road, much to the determent of anyone within 100 feet or so? Imagine what happens when 10,000 of those sorts are all trying to get into the parking lot of the Anaheim Pond for the Andrea Bocelli concert. The Pond’s, now “Honda Center”, parking lot was the great leveler in a way that Marx could have never conceived of. It was beautiful.
All the BMW’s had to wait their turn, all the lanes were full and inching along, so none of them could blast forward and cut another one off. And they were all cranky, cranky, cranky.
Thanks to Mr. Bocelli for having a concert and my brother for buying the tickets, so that I could watch the Ultra-Alpha BMW’s get their comeupance.