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5 Things or Tagged…

I have been tagged by Lauren to answer the 5 things that folks wouldn’t know about you unless you posted them on your blog…. here it goes:
1) I got a final whole class grade of 105% in Typography. My only A+ in my whole academic career.
2) Really drunk people scare me. Anyone out of control scares me, but esp. drunks. I don’t show it, but I get very agitated and upset inside. That makes my stint as the stage manager and door girl at Alex’s even odder…
3) My hair, my ass and my boobs are all real and all mine. Several times recently someone has put their hands up the back of my hair and exclaimed in surprise, “It’s your OWN hair! I thought you had extensions! ha ha ha…”
Yes, I grow my own hair. My ass is all my own muscle and fat; shape compliments of my dad’s mom’s side of the family and that may also be where my bosom came from.
4) In 1998 & 1999, I worked on Mars at JPL.
5) I am dreadfully allergic to pot and hash smoke, just a wee bit in an enclosed space will trigger a migraine. In 1992, I lived in Amsterdam for 3 months in the spring and 1 month in the late summer; I avoided the Red Light district and “cafes” like the plague.
I now tap to post 5 things about themselves that we would not otherwise know:
Megan and Murray
I am going to join Lauren in double-tapping Erika, because she really does not blog enough!

Happy Winter Solstice or Let the Sun Come Back…

For many of us caught up in Hannukah (Happy Hannukah!) or Christmas preparations or figuring out how to squeeze out a few more days of holiday time or going to pick up more heart meds or a martini after negotiating the mall parking lot, we quite often let a very special day pass by us. But if you are SAD, it is today is the day to celebrate!
Yes, it is that time of the year again, Mr. Sun* will start showing his face around the Northern Hemisphere a little bit more each day after Dec. 22, 2006 at 00:22 UT (aka 12:22am GMT) or for those on the West Coast of North America that means today, Dec. 21, 2006 at 4:22pm. Happy Winter Solstice!
Regardless of your religious persuasion, be it Jewish, Christian, Consumerian, Buddhist, Republican, Aetheist, or Scientific, here are a few links to help you get in the spirit of the shortest day of year, go out and celebrate with good cheer:
Wikipedia on the Solstice(s)
Equinoxes and solstices
Common Holidays in Relation to Equinoxes, Solstices & Cross-Quarter Days
Ancient Origins: Solstice
Trapping Christmas

*Possibly Ms. Sun, but I haven’t gotten close enough to it to really determine its gender. It is a heat issue…