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Snow Storm Over the Sierras

Snow Storm Over the Sierras

Driving south on the US 395 between Big Pine and Independence, the whole of the “Big Boys” of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (the 12,000 – 14,000 footers) were completely covered in clouds and obscured by falling snow. Other than a few raindrops, we had no problems driving home.

Quote of the Day : Bugger!

A great quote on Thomas Merton from today’s LA Times article on Huston Smith, “Religion ‘rock star’ turns his eye inward“:

And he [Huston Smith] recalled the time he asked Christian mystic Thomas Merton to explain what the life of a monk was like.
“It’s very nice,” Merton responded.
“I’m surprised by your response,” Smith said, “given what I know about the three vows.”
“Oh, those,” Merton said. “Poverty is a snap. Chastity more difficult, but manageable. But obedience — obedience is a bugger.”

Preach it, Brother Merton, obedience is a bugger.