I am a late bloomer…

I never watch TV or movies. I just read the reviews. And think about seeing a movie or so a year.
Tonight, after years of thinking I wanted to, I am watching “High Fidelity.” I borrowed the DVD from Sandra and Justin today.
The first 9 minutes caught me, especially in minute 9 when Jack Black’s character, Barry, starts a fabulous musical fight. I have to go with Jack bouncy monday morning music rather than Dick’s Belle and Sebastian
I have always loved independent record stores, esp. the used ones, and the knowledgeable fellows working behind counter. My fave is Bionic Records on Bolsa Chica.
I am laughing.
Update: 1:12 hours into the film, Tim Robbin’s character, Ian Raymond, is the Cami Sigler of men. The two alternative scenarios in the record store were hysterical.
Update, II: 1:20 hours into the film. “Some people just feel like home.” – Rob Gordon. I have experienced this, then he went on to get married. Good bye, home. Hopefully, like moving, one can find home again.
Update, III: 1:48 hours into the film. This was a good movie. I am glad I borrowed it from Justin and Sandra.