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Plant Hooks

Plant Hooks

Sat. Dec. 30, 2006 – View of the bay and Catalina Island at sunset from a party in a house on the beach in Long Beach. Due to network issues, I was unable to post this until today.

Cities and a Few Folk

Tom - June 2006 - LondonJulie Wanda - July 2006 - San JoseCooley Penisula Dolmen - April 2006 - IrelandFamily Callis - August 2006 - Sunset BeachGeorge - July 2006 - San Jose

In order to keep up the the StoreyHaugheys, I present a list of the cities that I have visited this year.
Given my goal of traveling to all 32 counties on the island of Ireland this last summer, I will spare you a run down of every town and village that I visited. Technically, in Ireland, a city is defined by does it have a cathedral church or not, if only a parish church even if big then it is just a town. Cathedral = city.
Thus the Cities that I visited or occupied from Jan 1, 2006 to Dec. 31, 2006 (chronological order, so some repeats):
Long Beach, Calif, USA
Huntington Beach, Calif, USA
Los Angeles, Calif, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Kildare, Ireland
London, England, UK
Chicago O’Hare Airport (should be its own country)
Austin, Texas, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
London, England, UK
Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain
Granda, Andalucia, Spain
Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain
Barcelona, Catalon, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK
Limerick, Ireland
Los Angeles, Calif, USA
Huntington Beach, Calif, USA
San Jose, Calif, USA
San Francisco, Calif, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Galway, Ireland
Wexford, Ireland
Waterford, Ireland
Letterkenny, Ireland
Omagh, Northern Ireland, UK
Sligo, Ireland
(et al and many other places in Ireland)
Brighton, England, UK
Salisbury, England, UK
Dublin, Ireland
LA/LB/OC, Calif, USA
San Francisco, Calif, USA
Palm Desert, Calif, USA
The brief version is California, Ireland, Texas, UK, Spain. And back again a few times.

Photoshop CS3 Beta

The design-o-sphere is in a twitter about the Photoshop CS3 Beta icons, but I am here to tell you that icons be darned, the real problems of the beta version is in the interface with one’s Wacom tablet.
The tracking between my Wacom’s pen tool and the actual mark made on the Photoshop CS3 beta image is faulty at best. I have spent two nights drawing on my Wacom tablet with Photoshop CS3 Beta and making a lot of messes, as 1/4 of the time the mark is made at least 30 pixels from where the pen was previously. A big jump with no lifting of my hand.. I have cross tested on Fireworks 8 and Photoshop CS2 with no troubles. Hopefully, Adobe will have this ironed out before CS3 goes to market.
On the good side of CS3: the glory and heavy lifter of the Photoshop CS3 Beta is the “Quick Selection Tool”. Drool. Knock out whole sections of unwanted bits and then use the “Magic Wand Tool” for the fine tuning of your selection. Happy days.

Photo Friday :: Best of 2006


Photo Friday :: Best of 2006
“Seaweed” is my favorite of the year. “Seaweed” was previously posted here at Black Phoebe and at Around Ireland back on Aug. 27, 2006 from the beach at Burtonport, Co. Donegal, Ireland, but is getting trotted out again as my favorite photo that I took this year with my camera phone.
To me this photo is a great example of why I love camera phone photography, constraints and all. Yes, my Nokia N80 has a 3 megapixel Karl Zeiss lens and so I am able to capture good high resolution photos, but I would not have been able to take this photo easily and without changing the environment around the seaweed with my Nikon FM-3A SLR camera or a big digital SLR.
I noticed this clump of seaweed in the tidal zone, I leaned over, put my camera phone on level with the seaweed, snap!, moblogged it to this site and Around Ireland right then, and when I viewed it in a browser a couple of days later, wow! I was able to leave the beach with nothing more than a few footprints and a great moblogged photo.
The more I moblog from my camera phone, the more I love the immediacy of deciding which shot is to be blogged right as the photos are taken rather than downloading them to my computer and photoshopping them into perfection before posting them. I like the constraint of no on board / on phone photo editor. What you see is what you get. Unaltered. Unfiltered.
Either I get the composition, the light, and the subject right at the time of snapping the photos, or I don’t. Camera phone photography and moblogging the photos within 5 minutes or so, has forced me to hone my eye and decision making process.
My other favorite moblogged photos from 2006 and 2005 can be found at this flickr photoset. Thank you to my beloved Nokia N80.

Elf Counsel

Somehow I surfed / researched from the BBC’s 100 things we didn’t know last year item #32* to Behind the Name.
At Behind the Name, I have discovered that the good, solid, stoic, old fashioned name of Alfred, means Elf Counsel in Old English. This makes my day.
Furthermore, Algar means elf spear, Alvar means elf army, and Alvin (or Alwyn) is elf friend. Please name your boy children accordingly.

*32. Barbie’s full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts.
Millicent! It conjures up a Connecticut W.A.S.P. Stepford Wife in my mind. Millicent means work strength.

Personally, I am a Panmillennialist

Metafilter at its best yesterday, “Pony Express for the Damned” Me-Fi’ing on The Post-Rapture Post:

I am hiring myself out as a post rapture cat-sitting service for the saved. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe the Venn diagram intersection of suckers, cat owners, and Christian fundamentalists. – Slarty Bartfast, commenter

I am officially outing myself as a Panmillennialist. Yes, folks, it will all pan out in the end.
What up with the obsession for the end of the world? Premillennialists*, why your desire, nee desparate need, be apart of your own cool crowd – overriding Jesus’s call to first love the Lord, your God, and then love your neighbor?

* Ummm… for those Rapture enthusiasts out there, please note that this theology you so lovingly pore over, nee idolize, is only a 100 or so years old and is an American Evangelical reaction to Modernism. Please note Modernism and Post-Modernism are over. We are now in the Digital Age. Please develop a new quack theology to drool over Or, even better, just go back to your First Love and focus on Jesus.
p.s. In the meantime, Faith, Hope, Love, and a whole lotta humor.

Fast Asleep

Fast Asleep

Both Scruffy and Belle have had an exceptionally hard day of sleeping in the car from Bishop to Huntington Beach, thus the need to be all zonked out by 10:30pm.