PuTTY for Symbian OS – Let the Geeky Madneess Begin

Oh let the geeky madness begin….
The idea that it could even happen was planted in my brain by a certain Mr. B in August 2004 at the Movable Type 3.1 Party. This last summer I used the browser of my Nokia N80 to login to my website hosting control panel when I was not near my laptop or a internet cafe. This last week I wondered when some enterprising person would develop a Symbian Series 60 SSH client.
Today while reading blogs, I hit the mother load of future geekiness while reading Mike Rowehl’s post on “E61 and Putty.” Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the nice and lovely open source programmers over at SourceForge have developed PuTTY for Symbian OS.
I have installed it on the N80 and have accessed the shell of my server via PuTTY on the mobile, surfed a few directories… oh the things I can do to entertain myself while stuck in traffic… Wahoo…
In the beginning, was the command line. ;oD

One thought on “PuTTY for Symbian OS – Let the Geeky Madneess Begin

  1. Oh wow, that is really cool. I might just add that to the other software (Opera Mini and Salling Clicker) that I’ve got on my mobile. Yes, I can see this possibly coming in quite handy.

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