Monthly Archives: November 2006

Hacking Sugar Plum


Sugar Plum, the wonder Honda, is a bit weary from the year of no driving. Ok, she was weary to start with before I left for Ireland.
Miraculously, she survived her year of non-operation in my brother’s driveway, other than having a local youth relieve her of her stereo. When I returned 6 weeks ago, I was able to start her up with a jump, go get new hubcaps from Hubcap Mike, and Sugar Plum has been happily trotting down the road, albeit with a stereo sized hole in the dashboard.
On Friday night, whilst driving home from Whole Foods, I received several honks from other drivers. It was not until I was driving down Bolsa Chica that a fellow in another car informed me that Sugar Plum did not have her back lights on. Crap.
Ever since Sugar Plum was purchased as a gently used auto, she has had electrical problems and shorted out 2 stereos. I became quite competent at checking and replacing the fuses under the steering wheel. After much to do, we found out that the previous owner or their stereo installer had screwed a screw into a wire in the trunk while trying to install the back speakers. We solved the problem by pulling out all the screws in the back speakers, which was much cheaper than running all new wires from the front of the car to the back.
Yesterday morning I tested all the fuses and they are all working. Joe and I pulled out all the lights from the back: parking/running, brake, and turn signal, all the blubs were good and the filaments happy. The brakes work and so do the signals, but the running lights don’t turn on when I turn on the headlights. Joe looked it over and said, “Sugar Plum has a short.”
Electrical wiring is tricky, to find the short and re-wire may take more than she is worth. Sugar Plum needs to become some teenager’s project car… Do you know a nice young person taking auto shop who would like to rebuild and revamp a Honda?

Hanen’s Heresies

Every so often, my brain serves up stuff that I am not quite sure where it would be appropriate to post and probably shouldn’t post… but they need to go somewhere… thus, Hanen’s Heresies:
On Family Circus :: When will Billy start dressing up in Dolly’s clothes?
On For Better or For Worse :: Lynn Johnston, Pa-Lease… Anthony cannot have that mustache at age 25 in 2006. Sorry, maybe when you were young in 1976, but not 30 years later. For at least the last 20 years, that mustache means black leather, chaps, and ….
On Marriage :: All humans, regardless of sexual orientation, have the right to fall in love, get married, and then get sick of each other.
On Terrorists :: If starving students can start moving companies, can we not convince nice young disaffected terrorists to channel their energies into a demolition company?