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A Few Wednesday Tidbits

* I am on mile 978 of the new Prius’s odometer and down to the last gallon or so of the 2nd tank of gas. I am stretching it out to see how far I can go on a tank of gas, as it is my goal to top 500 miles before I fill up again. The car is fooling me and announcing it needs more gas when it has about 2.5 gallons to go. I am currently averaging about 52 miles to the gallon. Black Phoebe the Trickster.
* Wait a minute! How can Ms. Jen’s new car already have nearly a thousand miles on it in 7 days? Well, Ms. Jen answers, “All the better to get rid of the pesky Break In Period with…”
* James Craig, aka Sir Cookie Crook, is a true gem. No ands if or buts about it. A big thanks to James for his help with my job search.
* After spending a few weeks with Ruby, and the last few days with PHP, can I break up with Javascript? JS, I love you, at times you are very elegant and loquacious, but I am not in love with you and you are very particular, as well as wordy. I may have to leave you for Ruby, who is sleek, a language of few words and even fewer nested conditional statements …