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PuTTY for Symbian OS – Let the Geeky Madneess Begin

Oh let the geeky madness begin….
The idea that it could even happen was planted in my brain by a certain Mr. B in August 2004 at the Movable Type 3.1 Party. This last summer I used the browser of my Nokia N80 to login to my website hosting control panel when I was not near my laptop or a internet cafe. This last week I wondered when some enterprising person would develop a Symbian Series 60 SSH client.
Today while reading blogs, I hit the mother load of future geekiness while reading Mike Rowehl’s post on “E61 and Putty.” Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the nice and lovely open source programmers over at SourceForge have developed PuTTY for Symbian OS.
I have installed it on the N80 and have accessed the shell of my server via PuTTY on the mobile, surfed a few directories… oh the things I can do to entertain myself while stuck in traffic… Wahoo…
In the beginning, was the command line. ;oD

A Few Wednesday Tidbits

* I am on mile 978 of the new Prius’s odometer and down to the last gallon or so of the 2nd tank of gas. I am stretching it out to see how far I can go on a tank of gas, as it is my goal to top 500 miles before I fill up again. The car is fooling me and announcing it needs more gas when it has about 2.5 gallons to go. I am currently averaging about 52 miles to the gallon. Black Phoebe the Trickster.
* Wait a minute! How can Ms. Jen’s new car already have nearly a thousand miles on it in 7 days? Well, Ms. Jen answers, “All the better to get rid of the pesky Break In Period with…”
* James Craig, aka Sir Cookie Crook, is a true gem. No ands if or buts about it. A big thanks to James for his help with my job search.
* After spending a few weeks with Ruby, and the last few days with PHP, can I break up with Javascript? JS, I love you, at times you are very elegant and loquacious, but I am not in love with you and you are very particular, as well as wordy. I may have to leave you for Ruby, who is sleek, a language of few words and even fewer nested conditional statements …

Go Greg, Go!

Preach it, brother. Or humor it, as the case maybe.
I am still waiting for one of the dev api wiz boys to develop an internets combine harvester that will help me reap all my data into one haystack. yep.

(Actually, given the boom and bust speculation cycle of the tech industry, I do think that a really useful API would be a “harvester” that would gather any data or text or images that I post on any and all sites that are not my own blog or website and make a backup archive, as who knows what will be left of one’s posts, videos, images, etc after a company closes down.

The Monday After Thanksgiving

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Erika and I went up to the new refurbished and renovated Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades this afternoon. We booked tickets a month ago and the first date available was the Monday after Thanksgiving. It was worth the wait, not for the disputed collection, but for the gardens and Villa itself. Although, the golden crown of flowers and enamel from the first century was very impressive.
Afterwards, Erika, Thomas and I went to a French cafe in Culver City. Thomas and I talked design shop most of the time, sorry E! But we did get some ideas for additional functionality for his website fleshed out. Thanks to both Erika and Thomas for a lovely evening.