Monthly Archives: October 2006

Two Weeks… Let the Job Search Begin

Kaffa In about 30 minutes, I will have been home in SoCal from my year in Ireland for exactly 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks, I have visited lots of friends, hung out with family, had a lovely holiday in the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, had a nice welcome home party, read three Mercedes Lackey novels, hung out with Scruffy and Belle a lot, haven’t really blogged at all other than sending photos up along the way, and I have even missed Dublin a couple of times.
Kaffa in Orange has become my home office away from my currently non-existent home office. Free wifi and a lovely couch next to a power outlet all for the price of an ice tea. I have spent time here recently redesigning Alex’s site, sprucing up my own, as well as working on my resume.
The two week vacation and recoup time is now over and I am now on the job market. I would love to move on up to the SF Bay area and join in the fray. If you know of or can recommend any mobile or web interface design positions for a experienced designer/developer/project manager with a M.Sc. in Computer Science such as myself, please email me.