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Donkey Magic’s Mapping, Web API conferences and d.construct 2006

First off, go check out Richard Stephenson’s Map Maker application that he has been working on all summer. As one of the alpha/beta testers, I have to say that the Donkey Magic Map Maker app really came in handy for Google Map coordinates when my GPS device was off getting a message, as I could put in the coordinates that the dyslexic* GPS device gave me and then use Rich’s application to find where it really was and then generate the correct coordinates. Thanks Rich!
If you are going to the Carson Web Apps Summit in San Francisco this month, enjoy. I went to the London summit in Feb. 2006 and it was very good.
As for me, I leave in about 15 mins to go attend d.Construct 2006 in Brighton, UK, tomorrow. Off to web dev land I go…
* The Garmin Rino 530 is a singing, radio, dancing, chatting, mapping, geo-caching, practically will do your laundry for you overkill GPS device made for a man’s hand**, but funnily enough it is off by 50 miles east to the real map coordinate about 35% of the time. My brother first calibrated it in Calif, I re-calibrated it in Dublin to no avail. Quirky.
** Ok, so why are so many handheld tech devices made for really big paws? Hello people, can we get a small, medium and large?

Back for a day, goal accomplished, and Bad News

I got back tonight from over a week of travelling in and around Ireland. Last Thursday, Shonagh and I did the “Around Lough Neagh” adventure. On Sat. I went up to the northwest of the island to see Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo and Roscommon. And on Sunday through today, I was in the south in Tipperary, Limerick, Waterford, Cork and Kilkenny. On this upcoming Thursday, 1 day away, I get on a plane and go to d.construct 2006. Yikes!
I now have been to all 32 counties of the island of Ireland since June and have taken photos and video in each one. Goal accomplished. Now I can’t say to people that I went to Ireland for 53 weeks and only saw the computer lab, the Luas, and my room…
And for the BAD NEWS…
Really Bad News…
As just emailed in by my brother, Joe:

Renu Nakorn is shutting down from 9/24 for about six months while the shopping center they are in gets remodeled. I just got me some larp!

I fly home on October 7th… Crap! Oh, Renu… Oh, goddess of Issan Thai in SoCal… What will I do without you??????
El Camino Real and India Sweet & Spices better not shut down for remodeling. ((grr grr … just thinking aobut it … grr grr))



Tues. Sept. 5, 2006 – Jerpoint Abbey, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.