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Goodbye Calif., Be Back Home in October…

Home is a funny word. Not funny ha ha, but funny many layered. Funny painful. Funny good. Funny ironic. Funny you may know what I mean.
I grew up in a family that moved every year or two as both of my parents married, divorced and remarried more than a few times. By the time I was 22, I had lived in 27 different houses. The five years that I lived at the Palmyra Street house in Orange (Sept. 2000 to Sept. 2005) was the longest that I have lived in any one place my entire life by 2.5 years.
Every 5-7 years or so, I get a wild hair up my metaphorical bowel system and decide that I need to move out of California and then maybe I will find home.
In 1992, I lived in Europe for six months and then came home to California.
In 1994, I moved to Boston for education and experience for 3.564 years and then came back home to California.
In 2005, I moved to Dublin and in October of 2006 I will move back home to California.
For as much as I love adventure, travel, and exploring new places, I have found that my home state of California is my heart’s home. While I have no house to call home, I have had the same storage place in La Habra since 1989. Does that count?
I love Ireland, I can’t live there for good. I knew that this trip home to California would make it even harder to go back to Dublin for the next 2 months to complete my masters degree.
This trip to go speak and attend BlogHer ’06 really brought home the fact that both my native SoCal and the SF/SJ Bay Area is the land of my future.
As I sit now at LAX typing this post and bluetoothing the photos of the last 7 days to the Silver Princess, I know, Lord willing, that I will be coming home to California in early October.
Coming home to the golden hills and oak trees. Coming home to the souless strip malls and stucco’d mcmansions. Coming home to 30 some odd other million folk in my native state. Coming home to an amazing assortment of fresh fruits, veggies, wine, meat, and other food staples. Coming home to a state that I love, the country of my heart.
I am a Californian.

Family Callis

Wed 08.02.06 – This morning I went to breakfast and a walk on Sunset Beach with Dan, Ryan, and Maggie Callis.