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How About Those Reviews of SXSWi 2006 and BlogHer 2006

Yes, yes, yes, yes… The intensity of my 12 month Master’s degree program at Trinity has overwhelmed me to the point where I have yet to write a review of SXSWi 2006 and BlogHer 2006.
Here are the Ultra-Super-Duper-Short versions:
SXSW Interactive 2006 : Ms. Jen spent most of the 4 weeks before SXSW in a stupor of flu induced fever and coughing, luckily for me the 90-something-degree heat knocked it out of me by the first day of SXSW. Unluckily for me, between the reminents of being sick for a month and jet lag, SXSW passed in a beautiful foggy haze, and not of the alcoholic variety either.
What do I remember: hanging out with lovely friends, LEI and the ZenMaster meeting, wine parties in the hotel room, Jeffrey Veen kicking serious panel butt, missing other panels that kicked serious butt (sorry Lynn, George & Jason! I suck, you rock.). Taking lots of photos, missing Kick! dreadfully (Anil come to 2007, bring Kick! back), talking to friends far and wide, and convincing folk to take my Thesis mobile survey.
BlogHer 2006: Ms. Jen spent most of the 4 weeks before BlogHer in a stupor of Master’s Project induced planning, development and implementation. Luckily for me, I had a 7 day holiday to California to alleviate any Project induced stress. Unluckily for me, between all the Project stress, the reappearance of IBS and Evil Fire Tummy, as well as jet lag, BlogHer 2006 passed in a beautiful foggy haze, and not of the alcoholic variety either.
What I do remember: Scruffy McDoglet going crazy whilst greeting me at LAX, driving up with Megan, LEI, and Erika to BlogHer, Julie Wanda & Tink joining us for the SoCal Represents at BlogHer 2006 weekend, the Speaker pre-party, a trip to Whole Foods to get supplies for a wine & cheese party, missing Elise speak (sorry, Elise rocks, I suck.), getting to hang out with Lynn & George (Jason, where were you????), the Flickr Meetup, multiple dinners at Sushi Maru in San Jose’s Japantown, Maggie Mason’s expert panel moderation, and the Red Caterpillar from The Sky during my panel, and a whirl of meeting folk.

What I did not do I either SXSW or BlogHer this year and I regret:
getting to more panels that would challenge my world or inspire me and making more of an effort to meet lots of new folk. At both conferences, it was all I could do to just get there and be mildly present. Next year, I want to be fully present and engaged in more than fighting jet lab and sickness/stress.
My Master’s degree program finishes on Oct. 3rd, 2006 and I fly home to SoCal four days later, so hopefully by next March and July I will be all rested up and in full possession of my wits and bounce…