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iTunes Store does not work when you live Abroad

Today Jasper and I were talking about music and I played him a few videos on the site, of which he liked “Dead American” by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards.
I realized that I miss a bunch of my cds that are boxed up in my brother’s garage, and due to time constraints last September, I did not have time to save each CD I love to my hard drive. Add on to that having to wipe the drive of my Dell Inspiron 8200 once or twice and back up stuff and then add The Silver Princess (12″ Mac Powerbook) into my life, what music I had backed up doesn’t necessarily play or even be recognized between computers let alone on my Nokia.
Right now my music is limited to Cheap Trick, White Stripes, Throw Rag, The Clash, and Loretta Lynn. Not a bad five-some, but limited. Now I want Lars, the Dropkicks, the Stumbleweeds, and many others. Thus my trip to iTunes this evening.
Ok, we won’t talk about the fact that quite a bit of the music I look for is not on iTunes, but let’s talk about I did find Lars Frederiksen’s first CD, wanted to buy it, and Irish iTunes would not let me.
Yes folks, a large capitalist company would NOT let spend my money on them. Since my IP address is Irish, my credit card and address must also be Irish or I can’t buy.
What the F*ck?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!
Right now Ireland has over 400,000 non-natives living in the Republic of Ireland and I imagine that many of them are like me, folks with bank accounts, permanent addresses and credit cards in non-Irish banks.
Hello, Apple, WAKEY UP-EY!!!!
Do you want my money or not? Sorry my bank is in California. Sorry my permanent banking address is in California. Sorry I am in Dublin. Hello do you want my money or not?
What the F*ck?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!
Sorry, Lars, I really do want to support you and the nice folk at Hellcat Records rather than trade illegal files, but Apple won’t let me.

Happy Fourth of July!

Tues. 07.04.06 – Sparklers are my favorite. While fireworks are illegal in Ireland, sparklers can be purchased at joke shops. These sparklers were purchased this afternoon.

Map APIs as Entertainment…

My project team and I are currently researching the Google Map API vs. the Yahoo Map API for our summer mobile adventure. I have been looking at sites using the map APIs in various ways. To date, the most entertaining is HousingMaps.
Now how can a mash up Craiglist with the Google Map API be so fun and in some cases laugh out loud funny? Go to NYC or SF and start running searches on high end real estate. The map kindly delivers photos and clickable links for the real estate in question and then you get to laugh at the incredibly ugly housing that is be foisted off onto the overachievers of America at outrageous prices with really awful copywriting as cooked up by Coldwell Platinum or some other real estate agent.

Happy July, The Moon, Goodbye Cervical Cancer and Other Tidbits

1) Happy July and Why I like the Fourth of July : Parades, BBQs, homemade peach ice cream, good homemade fried chicken, potato salad, little kid’s bikes all dressed up in crepe paper, fireworks, riding one’s bike in Huntington Beach on the boardwalk and watching the world go by. And most importantly, it is the only major US holiday with no completed stressed out family dinner!
Fourth of July 1988 was the first time I was out of the country for the 4th and I was very sad. I was studying Italian in Florence and the Mormon missionaries who worked one of the Piazzas did not invite me to their BBQ (Elder Jones & Elder Bolton and I had had a few run ins previously and they were adverse to attempting to convert me after the first run in, but they did later rub in the fact that they had fried chicken and watermelon.).
Fourth of July 2002, I was at LAX and in the airplane flying to London. The post-9/11 very full Terminal 4 at LAX was eerily quiet on that particular Independence Day and my Mom worried extensively that it was a very bad day to fly. It was just quiet. No chicken, no homemade peach ice cream, and no cute kids in parades with crepe paper in their bike’s spokes. Just lots of police and a very safe plane ride to London-town.
This year, I will spend the Fourth of July, not riding bikes with my sister in HB, but in meetings in Dublin for our MSCMM project. I am already sad. I suppose I should make some fried chicken, find some fireworks, and invite a few folk over… But the good news is that there will be no stressful family get together. Wahoo!
2) When I read the newspaper, I always start with the comics, move to the weather page, then opinion, and finally the front page news. My mom starts with the the front page news and then moves to the weather, and only later, if she has time, does she read the opinion section. She never reads the comics. When I read the weather page, I love the precipitation charts, the moon’s comings and goings as well as global temps. My mom prefers the tidal charts and the Highs and Lows, as she is a surfer and she has her priorities as to what swell it is when.
Yesterday both the Irish Times and the LA Times online version listed the moon as rising in the 11:00am hour and under moonset listed “No Moon Set”. How can the moon not set? This morning’s Irish Times had the moon rising around 11:40am, so it had to set sometime yesterday…. Inquiring minds want to know what kind of astronomical / meterological laziness is this on the part of the weather page contributors????
3) Go HPV Vaccination! Thank God, it was approved. If you are female and breathing, go get vaccinated! Let’s make cervical cancer history.
4) Just in time for the 4th of July, from the NY Times : 10 Days That Changed History
5) Laugh out loud funny post from Derek Powazek for the dog owners and lovers amongst us : My Dog is So Smart.