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Slowly but Surely…

… I am recovering from my vacation. I joked for the last few days of my vacation to London and Spain that I would need a holiday from my holiday. Luckily for Mom and I the last few days of our trip to Spain Megan and Murray invited us to join them outside of Barcelona at the artist residency, Can Serrat, was so lovely and peaceful that it did my body, heart, and mind a whole lotta good. But I still needed down time after 13 days of waking up, touring, lunching, touring, visiting, talking, and then sleeping.
Now I am relatively rested, only to start up this week with the Trinity MSCMM’s summer project, which is 50% of our whole master’s course grade/marks and will last three months. Simon, Jasper, and I will be doing a mobile blogging project (what else?) around Ireland, links coming to a browser near you soon.
My Mom departed yesterday and today I worked on my resume (a lovely internet job needed in Calif. in Oct. upon my masters degree completion) and adding titles to the MMS moblogged vacation photos here. Hopefully, I will get up the other London and Spain photos I took as photo essays before the next century.
I have lots of thoughts swirling around my head that I would like to blog here, but I am a bit crazy with finishing the redesign of this site, my resume, and starting the design of the summer project site, that if I am a bit quiet here, please forgive me.
I hope all is well in your world.

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