Monthly Archives: June 2006

Day 3 of Vacation

I am starting to unwind, physically and mentally, from the exam weeks. For the last two days I have been sleeping, walking, hanging out, reading, and sleeping some more.
Today was a slow dip into Back to Work. I have been working through Timothy Samara’s “Making and Breaking the Grid“, as well as trying out the Movable Type 3.3 Beta 1.
I’ll let you know how both go.

On Vacation…

Please file the above heading under : “Ha!” as in “ha ha ha ha” falling of one’s chair and laughing…

Vacation, all I ever wanted,
Vacation, all I ever needed…

So, I spent the first few hours of my vacation lolling about and then what do I do? Start working on my site redesign and my summer project.
I have one week completely to myself to happily CSS away, as well as plan out the design of my summer project web site, and then my Mom arrives next Sunday morning.
Mom and I will do a bit of traveling around Ireland, a day in London, and then a week in Spain. We will go and visit Meg and Murray at their residency at Can Serrat. I am very excited about all of this.
After Mom departs back home to Calfornia on the 26th of June, I will start on my summer multimedia moblogging* project in earnest.
Speaking of all I ever wanted and needed, I do need some screening material to keep the midges out of my room and stop my nights from becoming a bite fest. Why are there no screens on windows in Europe? People, people, people, Europe has mosquitos and midges, too. Why no screens? Denial? Or is a rite of passage for the 3-4 months of summer?
* (( did you think I would embark on any other sort of project? ))

View of St. Patrick’s From Mick’s Roof

Fri 06.02.06 – Class party.
Update: Big thanks to classmate Mick Cullinan for inviting us over to the roof top garden of his apartment building after our class celebration dinner. The night was absolutely clear and really warm. It was amazing to be up that high and see a 250 or so degree view of Dublin.

Friday. Sunny. Post-Exams. Drinking @ The Pav.

Fri 06.02.06 – Hundreds of sunburnt folks, BYOB*, no security, and a cricket game going on.
*I pre-purchased at The Corkscrew & am drinking a celebratory bottle of Raveswood Old Vine Lodi Zindfanel. Eoin & co are drinking cans of beer. Happy End of Exams to us!


Fri 06.02.06 – Exams are over and it is beautiful out!
Update: The fifth and final exam was held in the Regents House, just over the Front Arch, and it is the room we will have our MSCMM exhibition at the end of September.