Monthly Archives: June 2006

Going On Vacation!

Hi lovely readers!
I am leaving tomorrow for vacation with my Mom until 6/26. Ireland, London, and Spain will be explored.
Due to a few minor technical difficulties, my flickr blog posts are not posting and I don’t have time to fix it before I depart. I will be moblogging to flickr, but watch the sidebar for the new photos, as they may not be showing up here.
Even more shocking, I will be leaving my laptop at home and relying on internet cafes… So, if posting is slow, sorry. I love you, but will see you in 13 or 14 days.
Update: (20 some odd minutes later) Technical difficulties solved, but now Vodafone is not sending emails…. grr grr…

Attention Folks on Feed Readers or RSS or Atom

A few weeks ago, Charlie let me know that my images were not coming through on my xml templates. I have now updated my RSS to 2.0 and my Atom template.
Please let me know if you are able to get all the feed you desire from Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen. Are the images coming through to your feed reader? Please let me know in the comments or via email (blackphoebe at gmail dot com).
I use the Sage extension for Firefox and it renders all the pages for me in the full design, so I am not just seeing text.
Thanks a big bunch! ;o)
Update: I tested the new feeds on several rss feed readers and the photos are coming through. If they are not on your reeder, please email me or comment below.

Iteration #2 of the Black Phoebe Re-Design Complete

The Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen Re-Design is proceeding as a for loop… in iterative steps.
The first step, after months of thinking and planning, was to work on the banner, sidebar, and type over the months of March and April.
The second step has been over the last two days, in which I have ported all my templates from Movable Type 3.0 or 3.1 (can’t remember which, maybe it was 2.6 something) to MT 3.2 templates, and then refined the first steps design changes to work with the MT 3.2 template system.
Now you ask, why did I not do this last August when Movable Type 3.2 was released? Well, because the new stylesheets were designed to be a big bitch and the first few times I looked at them I shouted and cursed anyone who created a 1543 line css file (WTF!!!!). Then I spent months researching and testing other blogging systems (Word Press, et al) on private spaces to see if I should give up my three year relationship with Movable Type. But really, Word Press is not that much better in its own frustrating ways and since I am not going to home brew my own CMS ala KuraFire, I decided to go with the devil I know and love and just bite the template bullet to get the new features I want to use.
Last night I whittled the MT 3.2 CSS file down to under 350 lines and made snarky/cranky comments along the way. Tonight I worked on refining the details of the design (image placement, text, headlines, type spacing, etc) in the css and then ported all the new templates over from the test blog to Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen. Rebuild. Check on the PowerBook. Check on the Dell Inspiron. Tinker. Rebuild. Again. Again. And again…
Here is where you all come in… Please let me know how it looks in your browser. I have opened the comments up to TypeKey authentification and to moderated comments. Please tell me how the type size looks on your browser and screen resolution? Is the headline & body type readable & harmonious? Is the layout jacked up? Etc.
If there are serious errors, please send me an email (blackphoebe at gmail dot com) with a screen shot and what computer you have and what browser you are viewing the site on.

Notice : Under Construction

For the next ten minutes, I will be porting all my templates from Movable Type 3.something templates to the 3.2 templates. If this site is all jacked up, please wait until I hit the “rebuild” button.
Thank you. The Management.