The Upcoming Exam Week

While last week’s two exams were difficult because they were back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday, this upcoming week’s of three exams will be an endurance test, as they are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.
Last week’s exams were the classes I enjoyed or were all the subjects I have worked in for the last 10 – 15 years of my life, pre-showing up to the Master in Multimedia Systems. Design, Interactive Authoring, XHTML/XML, Interactive Narrative, Interactive Design / HCI, and Cultural & Critical Theory.
This upcoming week’s worth of exams were the classes that I either really wanted to learn (& enjoyed) but were a bit of a struggle (Programming/Javascript, Networking & PHP, and Wireless Computing) or were the classes that I wasn’t super interested in or plain did not like (Audio, Video, 3D Hell, Games, etc). I am not as confident about the upcoming run of exams.
Please say a prayer or do an Exam Dance for me… ;o)
Come Friday, June 2, 2006, at 5pm, I will be Free (from exams)! Wahoo!
Then comes the Summer Project, of which I will announce soon… Mark your calendars, as the MSCMM exhibition of all of our Projects will be Sept. 27 – Oct. 4, 2006 at the Regent House at Trinity College, Dublin.